For the Love of Coconut Oil

Posted by Diane on May 6th 2016

I am sure you have all heard the buzz lately over Coconut Oil, but it is with good reason. This stuff works so well for so many things, that it needs to be a staple in your home and in your be … read more

The Fabulous Benefits of Argan Oil

Posted by Bath and Body Bliss on Mar 22nd 2015

Argan Oil, one of the rarest oils in the world is pressed from the fruits of the Argan Tree. This tree is native to Morocco and can live up to 200 years. For centuries, Moroccans have used Argan Oil … read more

One of my favorite fragrances!

Posted by Diane on Feb 23rd 2015

Our Aqua Spa fragrance has got to be one of my favorites!  It is so fresh, clean and crisp and can work for both men and women.  The fragrance description states, "Notes of modern rose and l … read more

The Benefits of Exfoliating your Skin

Posted by Diane - Bath and Body Bliss on Feb 9th 2015

Why Exfoliate?As we age, our skin slows the amount of new skin cells it creates. Old skin cells can pile up unevenly on the skin’s surface, giving it a dry, rough, and dull appearance. Exfoliatio … read more

Arctic Blast!

Posted by Bath and Body Bliss on Jan 7th 2015

Wow, it feels like we are living in the Arctic here with temps in the -25 to -30 degree range for days now.  This type of weather can not only cause frostbite, but can strip vital  … read more