EquiFUSE Gleam for HUMAN hair!

Posted by Diane on Jul 9th 2019

So the jury is in....and the answer is YES, EquiFUSE GLEAM Shine Serum seems to work great for people's hair too.

I have had multiple horse friends ask me if it works for human hair, and I thought, well why not, what a great idea!

So I sent two of them off with a bottle of Gleam, with instructions to report back with their thoughts, and the Gleam received rave reviews. Things like it made my hair so soft, it felt fuller and thicker, no tangles in my hair, and it smells fantastic on top of it.

It’s no wonder that they would have these results, as the all natural oils and ingredients are probably very similar to some of the best hair serums on the market today, why not use for people?

So my next thought is, I think I need to find some dog owners to try it out.