EquiFUSE Rehydrinse Coat Conditioner

Jul 9th 2019

Did you know you can use EquiFUSE Rehydrinse weekly?

Whether you want to improve your horses' skin and hair health, or just enjoy that superior shine that all your barn buddies will envy, EquiFUSE Rehydrinse is safe and recommended to be used as often as you need it.

One of my favorite ways to use Rehydrinse for unruly, tangled and knotted tails when the weather keeps you from bathing your horse.....

Soak the entire tail in an EquiFUSE Rehydrinse bucket. Mix 1/2 to one ounce of Rehydrinse per one gallon of water in a bucket. Soak the tail in the mixture for 1-3 minutes and VOILA! Your horse's tail will be silky smooth and easy to comb.