For Healthy and Shiny Horse Coats, it's EquiFUSE CFS Concentrated Paste Shampoo to the Rescue

Jul 9th 2019

A little round jar of CFS Concentrated Paste Shampoo from the EquiFUSE line of equine grooming and bathing products is one product you surely want to add to your tack box!

This concentrated shampoo is designed to clean, finish, and shine all in one. With added brighteners and moisturizers, CFS dazzles your horse's whites and makes the dullest coats bright and shiny.

To use, scoop out a small amount from the jar with your fingers and add to a one gallon bucket of water and stir. Sponge the shampoo mixture over the entire body. Using a brush, sponge or curry comb, work the shampoo into the coat and scrub. For larger stains, you can apply CFS directly to the stain. Allow to stand on the coat for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse.