We are proud to be a distributor for EquiFUSE, the ultimate horse care grooming and bathing system.  

This line of products contains everything you need to keep your horse's mane, tail and coat in show ready condition.  Bright whites and glowing colors, with silky flowing manes and tails can be achieved by the use of the natural ingredients and essential oils used that help promote healthy coats for a natural shine and glow. 

These are the products I use on my own Gypsy Vanner....check out those whites!  And they tend to stay white longer, and his mane and tail stay so silk soft.514fa2-4462fde3fea74d81865438d2c996c093-mv2.jpg

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The products use high quality, natural ingredients including conditioning oils and essential oils that promote healthy and glowing coats, they do not just top coat them for an unbeatable shine!

Check out these before and after pictures!