EquiFUSE CitraFoam Shampoo

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Product Overview

CitraFoam Shampoo works great for those horses with sensitive or dry skin, and also for washing manes and tails.

This equine shampoo is very mild, sulfate and preservative free.  Using plant based ingredients, it is very eco-friendly.  The 100% all natural fragrance is derived from orange, lemon and sesame seed oils. 

EquiFUSE CitraFoam Foaming Shampoo instantly foams, massaging the skin and producing a root deep clean, enhancing the shine while leaving the coat incredibly soft, smooth and static free. The moisturizing formula helps to relieve dry skin, dander and dandruff.  It also removes manure and dirt stains with ease, and helps protect from future staining.

Size:  16 fluid ounces


Apply CitraFoam straight into a wet mane and tail. Make sure the shampoo is massaged into the base of the scalp and dock of the tail. CitraFoam offers a deep conditioning clean without drying the hair or stripping natural oils.  Allow to sit on the horse for 3-5 minutes, and RINSE.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review