EquiFUSE Rehydrinse Coat Conditioner

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Product Overview


EquiFUSE Rehyrinse is a leave on, one-step coat protector and conditioner enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein.  This unique hydrating complex fortifies and strengthens the horse’s coat, while leaving the body satiny smooth. Almond oil completes the conditioning experience for a non-greasy finish and a superior EquiFUSE shine.


You can expect these results:




  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein and almond oil protects, moisturizes and promotes a healthy coat
  • Non-greasy formula that won’t leave the body slick or slippery
  • Softens and smoothes the horse’s hair and skin
  • Anti-static properties help repel dust and dirt
  • Significantly reduces grooming time for 5-7 days

Size:  16 ounces


This unique bottle measures the amount of product that you will need.  Simply squeeze the bottle until the product reaches the usage line.  Pour into a one gallon bucket of water and stir.  

Using a clean sponge, apply the solution all over the body, legs, and head. Once the bucket is empty, sweat scrape or let air dry. 

DO NOT RINSE, this product is meant to remain on the horse.






(No reviews yet) Write a Review