EquiFUSE Spray Shine

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Product Overview

EquiFUSE Shine Perfect Spray is the last step in your EquiFUSE grooming process....the perfect finishing touch! 

Outshine the competition with this first of its kind multi-tasking shine spray for perfecting the equine coat, mane and tail. Infuse hair with a long loating superior shine that enhances color, while promoting hair health with each application. Combined with the benefits from Camelina Oil, Vitamin C and E, hair is boosted with anti-oxidants, smooth and soft.

This spray is lightly fragranced, and the ultimate grooming necessity for the serious equestrian. 

You can expect these results:

  • Instant long lasting shine glosses the hair in just one application
  • Fast drying and non-greasy formula
  • Infused with natural ingredients to improve hair health
  • Leaves the coat, mane and tail incredibly smooth and soft
  • Helps reduce grooming time with repeated use by preventing dust and shaving from adhering to the hair

Size:  32 fluid ounces


After your horse has dried from a bath, spray Shine around the body.  Use a brush to disperse the spray evenly, which activates the shine properties left on the coat from Rehydrinse.

This product CAN be used in the saddle area, as it does not leave the hair slick or slippery. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review